Being Efficient, Transparent & Profit Driven, Granada has become a reputable and well-known Property Management Company.

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Being Efficient, Transparent & Profit Driven, Granada has become a reputable and well-known Property Management Company. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work, which is why we provide open communication channels throughout the duration of each project.


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Managing the renting process, renewal of rentals, evacuation of units professionally, maintaining documentation for each Unit.

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To ensure buildings and their utility systems are safe, habitable, and in working order.

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Maintain the legal status for each unit with regard to approval of the lease contact.

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Our services extend from assuring your rent is at market value, creating a sustainable budget for your property expenses and carefully planning the cash flow.

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TenantApp streamlines the search process, facilitates enquiries, lets you book rent inspections and tracks all your applications in one convenient location.

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By carefully evaluating potential tenants, you can protect your property, minimize risk, and ensure that your investment is in good hands.

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By using a multiple number of ways to find potential tenants, landlords can help increase the odds of quickly finding a good tenant for a vacant rental property.

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Its goal is to deter, prevent, detect, and respond to physical security violations effectively.


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The following documents are required for the attestation of tenancy contract in Sharjah or renewal 
  1. 1. Original Emirates ID Card.
  2. 2. Passport copy of tenant.
  3. 3. Visa Copy of tenant.
  4. 4. Original Tenancy contract with landlord and tenant signature.
  5. 5. Passport copies of Landlord.
  6. 6. Visa copy and Emirates ID of Landlord.
  7. 7. Title Deed copy of the property from landlord.
  8. 8. Old / previous Tenancy contract in case of renewal.
  9. 9. SEWA Bill Clearance
  10. 10. Copy of Meter no for Electricity, GAS, Water

The below document is required if you are staying with family in Sharjah. For the tenancy contract in Sharjah with family you must provide the passport, spouse id and visa copy. You can leave the visa if not proceed but you need to show her passport copy and an undertaking that your spouse is come join you in certain time.

  • - Spouse emirate id, passport copy and visa copy.
  • - if visa not processed yet (show the passport copy only) and undertaking.

for example if the annual rent is 32,000 then the tenancy fee will be 1280 plus the administration charges.
This needs to be paid every year within 90 days of rent contract signed otherwise there will be some additional late fee has to be paid.

In tasheel office you have both option, if u pay by cash they will ask you to buy a card which cost extra 20 aed
if u do from any typing center u pay by card or if typing center may accept cash it's depends on them.

There are few option to process your tenancy contract attestation or renewal, it can be done by 

  1. 1. Sharjah tasheel offices
  2. 2. Online portal of Sharjah municipality
  3. 3. Typing center
  4. 4. Estate agency 

Note: If you haven't attested previous tenancy contracts you can take all your contract and do attestation in Sharjah tasheel offices only. 

Tenancy contact must be attested at the earliest possible. If Sharjah tenancy contact not attested within grace period. Sharjah municipality attestation fine is around DHM 200 to 250 for each contact.  

The contract can be attested within 90 days of the contract date after that time period there will be sur charges around 200 AED. If you haven't attested previous contract, you can do it in current year but contract will be attested. Visit any tasheel office in Sharjah to do current and previous contract attestation.  

A contract must be cancelled once you vacate the property.  

Address: Industrial Area 5 - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 6 562 3333
Office Timings Sharjah Municipality: 7:00 AM to 5 PM on normal Days

7:00 AM to 2 PM on Saturday

Friday off

read also Sharjah tenancy contract cancellation 

You should inform landlord or agency if you want to renew contract or not 3 months in advance otherwise they might ask charges.

If you want to cancel the contract in middle due to any reason you might ask 2 months in advance and there should not be any charges for that (not sure some time agencies charged and you can visit the concern department office to resolve or ask about the issue). A sudden contract cancellation may require you to pay 2 months’ rent.  

Sharjah municipality introduced online tenancy contract renewal which is available through registered estate agencies Or Tasheel offices for that case no need to visit municipality office.   

To vacate the property in Sharjah the tenant have to cancel the tenancy contract and sewa connection which is for utility bills such as water , electricity and Gas.  

Inform your landlord or agent in advance that you are planning to vacant the property. even your contract is finishing, or you are leaving middle of the contract. If you are leaving middle of the contract on urgent basis the landlord may ask 2-month rent or some charges depending on landlord or the rent contract you done with them Now vacate the property and get the NOC from landlord or agency. And the landlord or agency inspects the property and charge according to the damages.

Cancel tenancy contract.  once you get the NOC visit any Tasheel Sharjah office with your attested tenancy contract, the NOC paper , original and copy of your emirates ID and SEWA bill or SEWA account no pay the fee for tenancy contract cancellation approx. 65 aed and visit Sharjah SEWA branch of your area to cancel SEWA connection.

Close SEWA Account 
In SEWA office show the signed and stamped paper you got from Sharjah Tasheel, emirates id copy , SEWA deposit slip. they will note down your flat details and contact no as well. give the watchman contact for safe side. later the SEWA guy will visit flat to close the connection and will note down final meter readings. within 10/12 days you will get clearance paper on your mail. you have to re visit Sharjah Sewa office to get back your deposit money after deductions (if any) Get the Deposit back.

if you haven't got the clearance paper you may visit SEWA office again. there is an urgent connection closing process with 100/150 extra charges. If you missed the deposit slip they may deduct some amount for that it may be 20 aed per 1000 aed deposit.  

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